Narasimha Avatar


  1. This Avatara clears Parikshit’s doubt about the patiality of the Lord to the Devas and cruelty to the Asuras. The Lord has no Vaishamya Nair -Ghrinya.
  1. The Avatara indicate that He is the sole independent Reality and is in need of none else for his Incarnation. He is the swatantra Tattwa and all others are Aswatanta.
  2. The Lord is willing to put up even the offences committed against the cows. Vedas and Brahma-Gyanis, but the moment the offender lays his hand on a true devotee like Prahlada. He would incarnate to quell the offender and protect the Bhakta.
  3. The Lord , in running to help His Bhakta, does not mind the place, the form, the manner or any thing. He chose to appear in pillar in the terrifying man-lion form. To a Bhakta, His kindness knows no bounds.
  4. In this Avatara , He indicates He has both the attributes: Bhagya-Krit and Bhaya-Narasimhana, He was horrifying to the wicked and tender to the devotee at the same time.
  1. The Lord is unkind to the Taamisic souls and graceful to the satwic ones. He is compassionate towards the souls thta are good by nature but go astra occasssionally due to Kali Aavesa, inspired by another wicked soul which tenants and tempts them. This is the doctrine of JEEVA – DWAYA – SAMAAVESA, as seen in sisupala, He killed the Aasuric soul who co-existed with Sisupala and used his tongue only to variedly vilify and abuse the Lord. The Lord protected the Saatwic Sisupala and gave him Moksha and destroyed the indwelling demon.
  1. This Avatara proves that the Lord can never be attained by hatred (Dvesha) as itapparently sounds from the Sloka in Bhagavata :- GOBYAHA KAMAADH , BHAYADH KAMSAHA , DWESHADH CHOUDHYADHAYO NRUPAHA |
  1. The Lord is accessible only to pure Bhakti as incarnated in practice by Prahlada.
  2. The doctrine of JEEVA _ TRAI – VIDHYA (3 – variety – Jeevas) is also exemplified in this tale. No persuation, No miracles effects any change in the attitude of Hiranyakasipu. This is enough evidence for the immutable nature of the souls.
  1. Narada feels that this story of Prahlada makes Yudhishtra happy. Yudhishtra is honoured because in his home the Lord dwells in the form man as his helpmate, as his friend, beloved and advises.

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