Pearls of Bliss

Passion and hatred filling the mind will result in sin.

The mind is a fish aimlessly swimming in the ocean called sensual enjoyment. It has to be caught using the hook called effort and thrown in the shore called Sri Hari.

The wise ones are icons of God that walk around.

Never keep the company of bad people.

Do your duty, enjoy what comes your way. Do not forget to surrender to God. He (Sri Hari) is the refuge of even your Guru. He alone is the mother and father of this universe.

To obtain dharma, artha, kaama and moksha, there is no better path than knowledge.

Music can make trees bear fruit; the plants too have souls and feelings.


“Acharya Madhva is one of the greatest philosophers the world has ever seen. Rare are those who reach the height needed to understand him. Every letter of every word spoken by Acharya Madhva is a gem. All his works are overflowing with pearls of wisdom.”

Compiled by Shri Bannanje Govindacharya


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